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Florida Palm Shortage


If you live in the SW Florida area you may have seen the report on the NBC Channel 2 in late August 2014 highlighting the current palm tree shortage in Florida.  Yes, you heard right, there is indeed a palm tree shortage in Florida, particularly in certain sizes of royal palms.  You can still get large royals 25-40 feet or more overall, and younger trees 12-14 feet overall, but trees of a certain size (14-25 foot overall) are simply not to be found anywhere in the state.  And it's actually getting worse as demands rise and current stock is depleted.


Here are excerpts from the NBC story:  


“Palm trees and Southwest Florida go hand and hand, but you may not see as many of them in new housing communities and shopping centers because of a shortage. ...


"In the downturn of the economy tree sales pretty much came to a screeching halt," said Dan Sheppard, a grower.  But now, building has picked up again and developers want trees, but there simply aren't many to buy. ….40 to 50 percent of growers in Florida didn't make it when the housing market crashed seven years ago. …


Sheppard is thankful he planted some royal palms three years ago. "We have had some calls from different communities in Lee and Collier counties that needed royals for their community and there is nothing available," he said. ...."Once a new tree is planted, it usually takes three to seven years before it's ready to sell. That means developers have to wait or change their plans to plant royal palms.”


Article by Stacey Deffenbaugh, Anchor/Reporter, NBC News


As you can see from the news story, Palm Source Pine Island LLC planted thousands of royals three years ago when few growers were planting.  Those trees are maturing and we will be ready to meet your royal palm needs.  


We will be happy to help you as you provide trees for lovely palm-filled landscapes all over the state of Florida and in other Gulf Coast states.





Container palms & trees in our nursery



We have container palms and trees!


To be responsive to the needs of our customers we have added container material.  Our focus is to give you the best possible service so for your convenience we are now also carrying container palms and trees.  


See the availability list tab on the website for a printable PDF of all available container and field grown stock.


Trees available in CODE sizes include:

Queen Crape Myrtle,

Weeping Bottle Brush

and Yellow Poinciana

2’ GW Royals about 16’-18' OA

3’ GW Royals about 19-20’ OA  

4’ GW Royals about 20’-22' OA

5-6' GW Royals about 20-24' OA


We’ll look forward to hearing from you if you have a need for these beauties, or for any other palms we can help you provide for your customers.

We have gorgeous fat Florida fancy

field grown Royals 16' to 24’ OA.

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